Berry Head Quarry

The forces of nature are never as evident, in my opinion, as they are in rock formations. You can never say that rocks are immovable - they have bent to the strains of their lives like the proverbial reed bends in the winds of change. The rocks don't - can't - hide their history which … Continue reading Berry Head Quarry

More micro

I recently went to Canonteign Falls which is in a beautiful part of Devon, north-east of Bovey Tracey. At 220 feet, the falls are the highest manmade falls in England and are an enormous 19th-century landscape folly. Before you get to it, you go through a fernery (never knew the term existed) in a valley … Continue reading More micro

Super Excited

I was super excited yesterday, 1st April, that my degree project was featured in the publication Original Magazine. Several people have been to see my work on Instagram which is also exciting - the network is spreading. My poem published in March: In many ways, these last 2 months have been very exciting! This is … Continue reading Super Excited