Post-Happening developments

A lot has happened since the 11th January, and some of it has been related to the Happening. One of the principles of that event was that we were not going to keep any of the artefacts of the day's efforts because they were going to be burnt on a bonfire. A second principle was … Continue reading Post-Happening developments

The 2020 January Happening in the South West of England

Billed as an experiment in random collaboration among artists inspired by the collaboration of painter / performance artist Allan Kaprow and musician John Cage, our Happening threw up tensions, surprises, laughter and frustrations.   Built into the day’s activities was a strong element of randomness and the possibility, if the participants so wanted, to burn any … Continue reading The 2020 January Happening in the South West of England

My book video

My SYP parcels have arrived at their destination; I have finished writing up my exhibition reviews and notes on the RAMM symposium; I have just finished remaking my book, a very significant part of the publication of my work One Year, and putting together a video of it. I can now go to Italy!