Dominant pixels

Last week I started the woven rose project: I know it's a carnation rather than a rose but, when I was working on it, it looked like a rose:This is a flower, now past its prime, from a bunch that I received for my birthday: A carnation past its prime.©️Anna Goodchild 2021 I 'developed' that … Continue reading Dominant pixels

New Materialism and sustainable photographic practice: Liz Miller

Notes from a webinar by the London Alternative Photography Collective on 10th September 2020 at which four photographers presented their work. It was after I had seen the dance and sculpture/mobile collaboration work to be critiqued for our Bridge session that I made a lot of connections and explored some reading material. I also revisited … Continue reading New Materialism and sustainable photographic practice: Liz Miller

So excited!

It was with great excitement that I read the email I received last Friday from the Association of Photographers: Good Afternoon Anna, Congratulations! You have been chosen as a finalist in the 2020 AOP Student Awards. Please see below for which of your entries has been successful: Places Series // 3562 Next Steps We will … Continue reading So excited!