Summary of a Skype tutorial with my SYP tutor Helen Warburton

11th June, 2018

Not having finalised my new blog for SYP, I could not show Helen my latest experiments using pixellated images other than via the very unsatisfactory desktop camera.

  1. As my experiments centre on conceptual images, Helen suggested that I research conceptual digital artists.  None came to mind initially but of course, my OCA fellow student, Catherine Banks, has done an extended project using the software  Second Life.

This would involve creating a story rather than individual images as I have done.          Like Second Life, Minecraft too creates a different life and storyline.

Then there are the ‘alien’ ‘trol’ type of conceptual artists like Ray Lederer none of which comes near my ‘tame-in-comparison’ genre of conceptual art which is taken directly from my digital images taken in quarries near where I live.  I don’t want to create a new world but rather explore how I relate to the world around me in new ways.  At least, that is what I am doing at the moment – who knows where I will end up.

  1.  I mentioned that in my maquette of the exhibition space, I have included a quilt as, for the moment, I would like to make one using cyanotypes printed on fabric, either on my own or as a collaborative prison project in a prison near here.  That the cyanotypes would reference historical cyanotype printers like Anna Atkins and myfavourite contemporary Rosie Emerson whose complex work is fascinating.  This is an example of her work at the London Fair I attended with Catherine Banks in January this year:


The work of Rosie Emerson I saw at London Art Fair in January 2018.

I admire the scale of the work at The Barbican of Walead Beshty who was commissioned by the Barbican ‘to transform The Curve into a show-stopping installation by covering its walls with more than 12,000 cyanotype prints’

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 19.44.11

but I have no ambition of making such a large piece – perhaps I should?   there is one particular organisation which I researched for my BoW which works with prisoners in prisons making quilts thereby extending prisoners’ skills making them more employable when they have served their time.  Of course, subverting common gender stereotypes, Fine Cell Work, involves mostly male prisoners in making their quilts.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 19.51.35

  1.  Forum and peer feedback to work in hand.  I have explored this in depth on my 9th June, 2018 OCA SW  ‘Study day’ post under the Learning Log tab above.
  2.  Professional feedback suggestions:
  3. i)   Format19 Portfolio Review in Derby: the next one is on 16th March, 2019. Cost:4 reviews  £185.
  4. ii)  Offspring photo meet – gone for this year & details for 2019 are not yet up.

iii)  Mimi Mallika – couldn’t find the relevant page.

  1. iv)  Schwar Mavlian ( a photography contest.
  2. v) I would like to ask Helen Sear (because of her work linking people and nature) and Edmund Clark (because of his work with prisons and prisoners.)


2 thoughts on “Summary of a Skype tutorial with my SYP tutor Helen Warburton

  1. I replied earlier but the comment was lost?! I’m not sure about Minecraft – too blocky ? The counter-stereotypical approach is great. I would like to lead a session or two on quilt making but I know absolutely nothing about it. It could be educational all round! I do know that I want to make a textile piece from my cyanotype images.


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