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The first notes in the course material refer to Types of networks:

You are supposed to start critical support networks when you attend artists’ talks etc., if that does not apply , I have to start thinking about some of the networks that are available to me.

Then there is Peer feedback network:

I have plenty of that at our OCA SW meetings where the meetings are cross discipline so all sorts of experiences come my way.  One thing I must do is go with a specific question I want my viewers to focus on.

Apart from my tutor, I need to find more professionals: I might try my former tutors,  but who else could I get who is available, accessible and doesn’t cost?  Before the new dispensation, tutor feedback was formative, now it’s the student who, after a Skype-type interview with the tutor is writing up the feedback.

Portfolio reviews:

I have entered my Rocks rock portfolio for the Lens Culture art photography competition which, if you enter 10 images on a theme which I did, you get feedback on your work.  I am looking forward to that.

The course notes refer to Laura Noble,and various other galleries.  My tutor suggested the following:

i)   Format19 Portfolio Review in Derby: the next one is on 16th March, 2019. Cost:4 reviews  £185.

ii)  Offspring photo meet – gone for this year & details for 2019 are not yet up.

iii)  Mimi Mollica – is one of the founders of PhotoMeet, and a documentary photographer.

iv)  Shoair Mavlian ( a photography contest. she recently curated

v) I would like to ask Helen Sear (because of her work linking people and nature) and Edmund Clark (because of his work with prisons and prisoners.) to comment on my portfolio.

Helen W’s response to my request to look at my blog, just to make sure I am on the right track:

You could add the following: – you’d need to research for any writing on his work
Annie Atkins – British botanist, related to the history of cyanotypes and its links to botany
Caleb Charland – contemporary approaches to analogue, craft techniques –
Philippa Lawrence – Bit random, but I can see parallels with the tracing/drawing/lines – botany, colour, form
Also some corrections for the notes:
Shoair Mavlian – she recently curated
Mimi Mollica – is one of the founders of PhotoMeet, and a documentary photographer
I have looked at Marco Breuer and Caleb Charland’s work & really got a lot out of them both which I can apply to my work.
The others, I will have to pluck up courage to contact them about my work.
Resource network:
  • Getting good printers.
  • Build a contact data base.
  • Framers.

Public relations network.

When you have an event coming up contact your network made up of not just FB, friends or LinkedIn.  Ask the contacts if you can put them on your mailing list.

Get your press release ready with the invitation & let people know that they can interview you.  Follow it up a few days before the event.

Knowing the lead times of the publications you want to target is important so you send it at the right time.

Spreadsheet containing:

Publications   curators   clients   potential collaborators   gallerists   buyers


Make a grid of;

Publications   Name of contact   Email   How we met   Follow-up?

Investigate MailChimp (free) for setting up group emails.


















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