The Design Museum

There were several things which interested me at the Design Museum: its architecture is very welcoming.   I overheard  two young French ladies commenting ‘Even the toilets are a special design.’

Sir trance Conrad donated the funds to relocate and build the new design museum where it is today, in the cultural hub of Kensington where it opened in 2016, and John Pawson was appointed to lead the design team in 2012. .

Conran states: ‘Moving the Design Museum to Kensington is the most important moment of my long career in design so far. It will allow all our dreams and ambitions for the museum to come true, to create a world class space with the size and scope for the serious promotion and celebration of design and architecture in this country.’

The architecture fascinated me:

The stairs have built-in seats so that people can sit on them and relax without the constraints imposed by chairs.


The hyperbolic parabolic ceiling was quite something to relate to.
Fabulous lines everywhere – floor to ceiling.


A post-modern touch of showing the architectural workings.

The huge 3D printer was squashed in a space as the latest addition to the museum.


My husband bought a very small 3D printer recently just to try it out & I was surprised to find some of the designs he had downloaded off the internet and ‘printed’ were replicated here but on a much bigger scale.



There is so much to see in the museum & a lot of it is crammed in that I am sure that very soon they will have to build an extension.  I appreciated the wall on which there is the historic timeline of design inventions from the 18th – 21st Centuries.  There are many large volumes of space dedicated to reflection in the museum, which is good to see and feel.


2 thoughts on “The Design Museum

    1. Sadly, the printer was not working but I could imagine what it would look like having seen ours melting the little filaments of PVA and laying base, working its way up. You could spend days in there and not see everything.


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