Natural elements in October in the South West.

Playing with natural elements.

October 2018:

Tracing the passage of time through natural elements is part of my One Year project.  In the first iteration of the project , time through leaves was not connecting to the letter content in that the letters were written at specific times in the year but the leaf/bract material accompanying them was static.  In experimenting with natural materials found at different times of the year, I am trying to give the project content more coherence and cohesion.

Figure 1: Feather and chestnut: juxtapositioning different elements still designating a time of year.  © A.Goodchild 2018.


Group 2 72dpi DSC01175.png
Figure 2: Handkerchief tree: changing times.© A.Goodchild 2018.
Cluster 3 72dpi DSC01201.jpg
Figure 2a: Would keeping it in its original vase be more effective?  Would the meaning be different? © A.Goodchild 2018.
Figure 3: Stones and a feather: a sense of place and time.  © A.Goodchild 2018.

The singular leaf or feather or chestnut or seed pod  images underline the experience of being an individual going through time in prison.  The combination stresses the idea that you are an individual amongst others doing time.

October 4 DSC01169.png
Figure 5: A single Handkerchief tree leaf. October. © A.Goodchild 2018.
October 2 DSC01177.png
Figure 6: A different October Handkerchief tree leaf.© A.Goodchild 2018.


2 thoughts on “Natural elements in October in the South West.

  1. Thanks, Catherine. Helen Sear opened up some paths for me to explore and made me realise that the leaves element was not far off the mark but just needed to be explored a bit more. I have tried a double exposure with leaves moving in the wind but I am not yet happy with the resulting image because it speaks to me of confusion rather than the passage of time.


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