Below is my final trio of publicity material, excluding my press release, for my exhibition.

Exhibition poster.
Exhibition flyer.  The item “meet the artist” is a requirement set by the gallery management.  It’s a payment in kind for the free use of the space.

Invitation to the opening night.
For some fun: Recumbent leaf   
Twelfth – and even less info.

For the fuller range of my poster development please look under the following tabs on the main menu: Learning Log – BOW Development – Exhibition 2019 

Eleventh – reducing the information.

All the previous ones can be seen under Learning log . 

4 thoughts on “Continuing iterations of my proposed exhibition poster:

  1. I have responded on the online forum Anna but will add something here too. No 12 looks quite sinister to me and does suggest that viewers will see a particular type of photographs. Is it a bad thing to surprise them? I suppose it depends on how open minded they are. I know I have gone to exhibitions expecting one thing and being sorely disappointed and others when I didn’t know what I’d find and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think there is more mystery and intrigue in 10 and 11, what are the leaves about, for example? My personal preference would be 10 or 11 but maybe I am biased because I know the story.


    1. Your idea of ‘surprise’ has very positive connotations. “but maybe I am biased because I know the story.” That is precisely my problem – my BoW is clean and open but I think that the posters which reflect that look good on a screen close-up but would easily get lost in a shop window full of posters, I imagine. I suppose the people I want to draw in are precisely the ones who would be attracted by the darkness, expecting a sinister show, but they won’t get one – it might make them think? I am very glad you posted this & made me think again. I thought I was going to have this resolved this week but it doesn’t look that way now. Back to the drawing board!

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