Feedback on Assignment 3

After 90 minutes of Skype tutorial and having said our good-byes, I realised we had spoken about Assignments 1 & 2 and whether or not I should update them as my work develops, about my exhibition arrangements and publicity, about my portfolio reviews, about schematising my records and uploading them as PDFs on my blog because the formatting is not always as clear as a block of text, about my bio, but at no point did we discuss assignment 3! When I enquired, Helen said she would send it as a tutor report.

I am left wandering how my assignment 3 fared as the comments were that it was ‘interesting’ but it lacked a formal structure. I have amended it, turning all 3 sub-headings into questions and labelling the introduction and conclusion as well as adding a question summarising my standpoint in the introduction. I was also asked for my ‘developmental reflection notes.’ I have never submitted any for any of my essays. Does anyone else submit them with their essays? I appreciated the grammar corrections.

This is the PDF of the tutor report:

One thought on “Feedback on Assignment 3

  1. Obviously I don’t know exactly what’s involved here Anna but, on reading the PDF, I got the impression that your tutor was asking for a link to other posts in your blog where you had written about your research for the Assignment.


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