New website

I have been setting up my own website for the ‘professional’ work I do starting with my current project and exploring other off-shoots which develop from it.

The criteria for selecting this style are based on the websites of two artists: the first is multi-award-winning photographer Nicky Hamilton whose site is minimalist in every way and which foregrounds his images while still discreetly showing his considerable CV .

The second artist is ceramist Claire Curneen who also has a minimalist genre website design which again foregrounds and exhibits her work making it speak for itself.

The websites have several things in common which I aspire to having: uncluttered home page; prominence is given to the work; discreet access to bio and CV; an artist statement is there if viewers want to read it but it is not overtly ‘on display’ with each project.

I would greatly value your views on it.

6 thoughts on “New website

  1. I think the new website would be better as a website with fixed pages rather than a blog with all the resharing buttons etc. If you plan to regularly blog then this could be done separately with a link to your professional website. I don’t think the template you selected does the work justice, there are free templates designed for photographers to show off images


  2. Hi Anna, Is this new website just for Level Three purposes for presentation of the work or will you be using it for ongoing work once you have your Degree? If it’s for the latter then a blog could be good to keep a connection with interesting viewers. I agree with Karen though that any blog should be a separate entity.


    1. This new website is for post OCA work. I am going to keep my SYP blog for any ongoing research. It has given me more headaches than I care to count. I am now calling it a day & will veg out on my recliner!


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