Music collaboration: 27th May, 2019

Deborah and I had a phone call to discuss our progress & decisions regarding our / my project.

Regarding the second version / chance of the film ‘Doing Time’:

DJ felt that there was no longer that sense of monotony which was evident in the first version of the film. I had also shown OCA Tutor Andy Hughes the films at our study da in St Ives recently and he suggested a more staccato presentation rather than blending one clip into another, particularly with the Archimedes screw footage. He also asked me if I do short videos often, implying an accusation of amateur film making on my part. My defence is that going to prison is not a polished performance – you don’t do it often enough to make it a polished drama!! I need to redo the water wheel video because even I am not happy with it. Andy also said that some of the natural sounds in the video clips worked better without the musical interventions and I agreed with him. Following the telephone conversation with DJ, I went off to shoot the water wheel but found that because this is a particularly strong Spring, the Cow Parsley has grown to unprecedented heights virtually obliterating the water wheel which meant that I had to shoot it from a different angle. Despite the different perspectives, I think the film works well now. DJ is reworking the music score on the new version of the film.

We agreed that we would show the film at the Music Collaboration performance on 20th July.

Regarding the poem One Year:

I will record it and send DJ the sound file. At the music collaboration performance day, DJ will introduce the performance. I will read the poem at normal speed, then the two of us will sit either side of a human wall (since it is humans who are responsible for the separation). DJ suggests that I recite the poem slowly – 1 min per stanza (4 stanzas in total). DJ will try some Sprechgesangen with whispering / interjections from the audience relaying the echo & response idea from the exchange of letters during the year Ian spent in prison. DJ is to work a harmonic score for the piece = chords which change according to the rhythm of the stanza which, DJ says, is a colour wash , or a background of sound / musical ideas for the piece. I am learning a new vocabulary and how it applies to performance.

Ideas on the performance: I had heard the Shoenberg Pierrot Lunaire suggested by Carla Rees and felt it did not suit the poem or the subject of the poem because it is too creepy. DJ had mentioned the Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu whose work I love & whose style would, in my opinion, fit the piece.

DJ & I have exchanged several emails since our hangout and phone call and we are both very excited about both the projects.

The final film / music collaboration for my exhibition turned out like this:

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