Publication evaluation and preparing for assessment.

A.  How have you resolved your major publication? Justify your particular choices relating to its publication.


The publication was a mixed media, multi sensory exhibition held in a former Victorian holding cells complex in Plymouth over two weeks in July 2019.

Guiding its curation was a statement by curator supremo Hans Ulrich Obrist that:“ an exhibition is not an illustration. … it does not, ideally, represent the thing it purports to be ‘about’ …  Exhibitions, I believe, can and should go beyond simple illustration or representation. They can produce reality themselves.” (Obrist p168)

With these ideals in mind and with inspirational exhibitions by Anna Boghiguian(Cardiff Artes Mundi 8 2018) and Edmund Clark (Birmingham “In Place of Hate” 2018) fresh in my mind, I embraced the space I had with its serendipitous historical links but some limitations, and spread my wings.

The rest of the assignment is under Assignments: Assignment 5 on the menu.

2 thoughts on “Assignment 5

    1. Many thanks, Catherine! Today seems much more peaceful than yesterday did! The pub down the road burning down added a bit of excitement and heat to the proceedings!


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