August exhibition review:’Pest and the profound’ by Sarah Vaci

Exhibition: Pest and the profound.

With: 2 local art friends

Where: Artizan Gallery, Torquay

When: 31st July, 2019

Curator / Artist: Sarah Vaci

Location and setting atmosphere:

3 stars:

* Good to see the pieces hanging in the middle of the space to allow viewers to move all around the pieces.

  • In a well frequented place
  • Enough space for all the pieces.

1 wish: A few more pieces related to the ‘Pest’ project.

Example of work.

Sarah Vici (right) asking to local artist Sue Coulson.


  • Speaking to Sarah when she arrived unexpectedly about the underlying concepts . As her feminism roots are deep and this triptych subverts ‘iconic masculinity through the soft, feminine, organic nature of fibre.’ ( Press release), I asked her if we can talk about it some time. She will be exhibiting again in mid-September so I have arranged to talk to her about it then.
  • Having magnifying glasses provided to see the larvae pupate and eat away at the pieces.
  • seeing her other work which involves sculpture and photography.

What I took away with me about the work:

It was good to see so many concepts in one piece: corruption, gender politics / subverting masculinity through historically feminine textiles, power and gender identity, dynamic art work.

It explores power and death, beauty and disgust.

The dystopian tribute portraits, placed in double-sided frames which allow the insects to breathe but not escape (another concept here – the death cannot go beyond the frames?)

The decay is recorded via time-lapse photography – great idea. Who will go first: the piece or the Pests?

What I took away with me about me:

I need to see power in simplicity in my work.

Notes & next steps:

Write to Sarah about the femininity angle of her work. I was surprised she had not heard of Abigail Solomon-Godeau.

I am investigating feminism from Godeau – once I am armed with that rhetoric, I shall try to discuss it with Vici.

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