When: 8th June, 2019

With: OCA students Anne B & Dorothy.

Where: Arnolfini Gallery & The MPF, Bristol

Curators: The students and staff UWE & MPF

Location, Setting, Atmosphere:

As they were 2 very different locations and 2 different shows: Arnolfini had the BA and some of the MA work, whereas the MPF had only MA work, the atmosphere in each was very different. The Arnolfini was very busy with many and varied exponents. The MPF was the opposite – nobody else in the room but us. The atmosphere was, therefore, contemplative but this was part of the MA photography selected by Martin Parr for his gallery.

Examples of the work:


I liked the use of tracing paper in this one and the use of different fonts in the text as well as how it was presented.
The incorporation of the display wall into the final presentation was interesting for me.
This was arguably the most imaginative project of the lot by Ruth Broadway ‘A trace left behind.’
Tracey Stokes Hand-made books on ‘My Place’ were beautifully illustrated.
Elena Keenan ‘Untitled’ Biro Pen drawing was an exquisite example of meticulous drawing techniques.
This was very intriguing because it was a collaborative MA project involving students in different disciplines and one I would have loved to have been involved in.
The interpretation for the collaborative MA

The Martin Parr Foundation:


  • The huge variety of topics for the BA photography degree show from eating disorders to the changing use of language reflects to me the limitless range of what can be done with images.
  • I loved the idea of a collaborative MA. At my degree show, one of the visitors is an artist who asked me if I would collaborate with her on an MA. Although I already have an MA, I would love to collaborate. if nothing comes of it, it was still good to be asked & to know that this is something that can be explored even in Plymouth.
  • It was interesting to see a prisons project “Folly” by Jamie E. Murray, in the MPF MA exhibition “Tellers”. the project is described as “… a rumination on a series of conversations with individuals who have been incarcerated. Within these conversations the ex-prisoners spoke of what led them to punishment, how they navigated the prison environment, and their eventual transition from institution to freedom.” As with the rest of the media representations of prisons and prisoners, the images were very dark and the ex-prisoners looking down, which was very disappointing given that the prisoners are no longer in prison but in the open world.

What I took away with me about the work:

  • Sadness at the predictability of the MA “Folly”.
  • Exciting development about the collaborative MA projects.
  • A phenomenal range of work both within photography and within the visual arts expressions.
  • Most of the MA work I saw exhibited books.

What I took away with me about me:

  • I am very glad that I did the project I did for my BA photography and that I chose the aesthetic that I did because it is very different.
  • I appreciate a lot of different artistic expressions.
  • I am looking forward to collaborating with Tess on her MA.


  • Don’t be afraid to use tracing paper again & experiment with different types paper and layout of publications.

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