What: Solo painting, film and sculpture

Date: 20th September 2019

With: Photography colleagues

Where: Harbour House, Kingsbridge, Devon.

Curator: Susie David

Location : Harbour House is a very easily accessible space, constantly used by artists.

Setting: The exhibition of paintings of all sizes on the theme of water was very well suited to the setting – on a river waterfront.

Atmosphere: the white cube architecture was very well suited to the predominantly white, calm paintings.

All ideal for the subject.

Examples of the work:

Seaweed – oil on paper. 2018


Susie was very welcoming and answered all our questions. I was intrigued because some of her paintings looked like the cyanotypes of Meghan Riepenhoff with all the colours and effects but Susie insisted that they were paintings inspired by the sea.

Seeing the paintings made me want to get on with doing my planned cyanotypes exposed to sea, seaweed and sand.

Susie’s sculptures, which I later discovered, were made from 3D prints of her drawings and then bronzed.

Water vortex 2 . Bronze. 2014.

What I took away with me about the work:

It was painted with meticulous attention to detail which made me feel that she had spent an eternity on it. I loved the textures of the very fine lines which were possibly done by brush but which looked as if they were the residue of water flowing over the painting at that point.

The textures, luminous parts and layers of paint were magical.

Although I really liked the work, I thought it was very commercial with a limited scope: it was not experimental nor was it breaking any boundaries which I would expect in an emerging artist. The white cube setting was also quite clichéd, in my opinion, experimental in the 1980’s but why not try something different in the 21st C?

What I took away with me about me:

If this is an example of the painting I admire, I am not a painter because I do not have the patience and I do not have that scope of imagination.

I must get down to my cyanotype experiments.

How would I try to break cyanotype boundaries?

How would I break white cube exhibition space boundaries?

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