My final degree results are in!

It is with great pleasure that I can say that I have received the following notification from the assessment board:

Congratulations – you have now obtained all the credits required for a BA Hons Photography – First Class (1st) classification.

The overall comment was as follows:

Overall Comments and Feed Forward
The submission shows the benefit of working in collaboration with others and over an extended timeframe. The work shows many diverse strands and the exhibition mock up was useful in seeing
how the various elements were displayed to provide connection between the 3D elements and the images. The submission provided evidence of detailed planning and preparation for the work to be
displayed. It could be that the volume of work submitted could be streamlined, focusing on the development of project for display rather than the development of the work per se.
The assessors enjoyed reading the positive feedback that the exhibition received. This project is hopefully the foundation for you to develop further projects building on the idea of collaboration.
The blog allows the various strands of thinking to be mapped together to form a coherence on the project.

16 thoughts on “My final degree results are in!

  1. Excellent Anna. Enjoyed being part of a few of the discussions on your work. A well deserved result. We can all look to your work for inspiration and a goal to reach for. Well done.


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