During the covid19 shutdown in April 2020, I decided to extend my vegetable garden. One of the packets of seeds that I had were Purple Dwarf French beans.

The Box, Plymouth’s new art gallery and museum, advertised to have artists submit work to be considered for micro-commissions. I thought I would submit an application because I thought I had a good idea which was to collaborate with a dancer to choreograph a piece with my beans.

Looking closely at the beans, I was reminded of Tim Ingold’s book ‘The Life of Lines‘ which I had used extensively in my Brexit project in 2016. In the book, Ingold states that ‘every living being is a line or, better, a bundle of lines.’ (Ingold P.3) and that ‘what lines have, is torsion, flexion and vivacity.’ (idem P.4).

With this in mind, I posted on Facebook a request for a street dancer to contact me to collaborate on a project. Silvia Orazzo responded and, together, we put a 5 minute film together featuring an extract of Silvia’s dance and my seed images. For the soundtrack, I recorded birdsong which had become so audible during the shutdown, and which is again relegated to a sometimes-heard background now that the rules regulating our transport movements are being relaxed.

Sadly, since then, my computer and back-up crashed and I have lost all my data which included the film, so I can only produce a still of the introduction which I included in the application:

The Box did not shortlist the collaboration so we will not develop this any further. I still think the idea is a good one.

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