It was with great excitement that I read the email I received last Friday from the Association of Photographers:

Good Afternoon Anna,

Congratulations! You have been chosen as a finalist in the 2020 AOP Student Awards. Please see below for which of your entries has been successful:


Series // 3562

Next Steps

We will require high resolution versions of your submissions shortly in order to produce the AOP Student exhibition later this year. Arrangements for this are still being finalised, but we will be in touch shortly with the specific technical requirements we need for your files.

Thank you for entering the AOP Awards, and once again, Congratulations!


It is the ‘Next Steps’ bit that is causing some problems. The reason is that both the Mac’s internal hard drive and my external backup hard drive have given up the ghost. They are both with different people who are trying to recover those precious, full resolution files so that I can submit them to the AoP.

Please note the acronym AoP: one of my fellow OCA students misread this initially and thought that the award was for OAP students!! She is still alive.

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