I wish all those who read this blog HOPE this Christmas and in 2021.

As there are quite a few people reading this blog, could I ask you to leave a comment from time to time? I get very curious when I see what you have been reading and wonder what you think of it.

A new dawn on Paignton pier on my birthday.

6 thoughts on “Hopeful Times

  1. I always find your blog a first class, a welcome pause this morning amongst the wrapping and munching of Christmas nuts. I am always interested in your lines of thought and reading. How we manage our creative life after formal study is an important question. Your birthday photo reminds me how much I miss living by the sea. With sea level rises one day Bath might be a little closer to the south coast or perhaps I just need to buy a beach hut for the garden and dig a big pond. Best wishes


    1. Thank you very much, Karen, and I am glad it gives you food for thought. We went down to the beach just before 8 o’clock expecting to see a beautiful sunrise on my birthday, which we did but not in the way we were expecting! The solid cloud bank was blown away shortly after 9, just as we got home! Yes, we are quite concerned about the sea levels rising – can we come and join you in your garden beach hut if it happens in the next 10 years? ;))


  2. Hi Anna,
    Your thinking and creativity is always an inspiration and I love reading your blog posts. Living in the mountains at some 1500m above sea level, I won’t have a problem with rising levels. However, sometimes I miss the sea. I trust you had a great birthday.
    Have a Happy Christmas in these torrid times and all the best for 2021.


    1. How lovely to get your comments, Doug, thank you.You’re not in the Drakensberg, are you? We built our house in Newcastle which looked out over the foothills of the D’berg – such fond memories! I had the best birthday ever, thanks. I hope you make different but precious Christmas memories and that 2021 will be great!


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