Dawn Langley, fellow Bridge contributor, mentioned on Thursday that she was going to take part in the world collage day challenge of doing 5 collages, in 5 mins each on 5×7” card each day. 

Kids do this at school so why not give it a try? I have lots of odd scraps around, so I gathered them up & naïve me gave it a go:

Day 1: 1
Day 1: 2/5
Day 1: 3/5
Day 1: 4/5
Day 1: 5/5
Day 2: collage from page 10 of a magazine.

At this point I googled collage and this site came up:


7 things to consider when creating a collage

By Sorcha O’Higgins almost 2 years ago

Some fundamental things to keep in mind when composing, collating and arranging a digital or analogue collage.

This was my favourite:

6 thoughts on “Collage trials

  1. It looks like you enjoyed yourself. I found it very relaxing to do despite the guilt feelings that I should be working on coursework. Thanks for the link as well, it’s very useful.


    1. I found the distraction really relaxing – it must be the absence of having to prove something which just makes you let go. I didn’t know if I was supposed to be making something meaningful or not, so I didn’t. The collage blog was really useful for me because it got me back to where I’m supposed to be with my photography = looking at composition, so that’s where I am heading. Thanks for your comment.


    1. Gosh! Thank you Lynda! I think the photos make them look better than they are naked! I found it relaxing to do something with no expected outcome! I hope your work is going well.


  2. Hello Simon & super well done with your results at assessment! I really enjoyed DI&C too. It’s not just photos or scans of collages that make them look better than they are in real life, it happens with paintings too. It might be something to do with the light?


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