The success of an embryo

An Acorn Embryo

I recently submitted this image for an exhibition “This Volatile State” organised by The House of Smalls and shown physically as well as on social media, particularly on Instagram.

I subtitled the photograph as A Microcosm of Life and described my body of work using my phone microscope lens as:

I am working in many different directions to explore what lies around me. I have found that working with a microscope lens attachment to my iphone allows me to see physical life as I know it but which I so often ignore / overlook / have no means to see. This is the first time that I have seen an acorn in its smallest manifestation, as soon as it made an appearance on an oak tree on my usual daily walk this lockdown spring. I have called it Acorn Embryo because that is what sprang to mind when I first saw it – I know it’s not an animal but the watery quality of it made me think it was. 

These are some of the the posters which were circulated on social media:

One of the posters published to advertise the exhibition.

It’s been so good to have had so much exposure because the organisers kept publishing posters and artists’ work on a daily basis during August and kept an interest in the work going all the time the exhibition was live (it ends on 31st August).

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