Assignment 4

The final draft of my body of work and exhibition plans.

My final plans to publicise my work: 

I have made a website:

I am organizing an exhibition.

I am designing a book.

Artist’s statement, bio and body of work:

Some aspects of the exhibition design are a result of portfolio reviews I have had over the last 6 months.

Publicity material:

Exhibition poster:

Exhibition flyer:

Exhibition invitation:

Business card:

Press release:

Layout of photographs in the exhibition space called ‘Cells’ in the former guild hall in Devonport, Plymouth:

Assessing footfall:

The gallery does not have any record of footfall because it is not manned but the manager guesses that about 20 – 30 people go to the cafe next door between 9am and 3pm so she guesses that that is the likely figure. I plan to be there all the time as I have valuable equipment in the form of a sound recorder and a digital projector of my own in there. The gallery is not insured for third party equipment so I have to provide my own insurance if I want to insure the equipment.

Audience feedback:

In cell number 1, I am going to dress it up as an actual cell. There will be a metal bed (which will have the cyanotype quilt if I decide to show it). There will be a notice board with Ian’s cards pinned to it. In a corner on a plinth, there will be prison issue toiletries.

There will be a recording of readings of Ian’s letters which will be heard throughout the space. As the double cell is a meetings room, if there are meetings in session during my exhibition, I will have to stop the playing of the recordings.

Finally, there will be a little table on which there is a reflections book for people to write their thoughts on what they have seen and heard about the therapeutic and rehabilitative practices in prisons in the UK. I am planning to put in here somewhere a surface for children to do some drawings or to write any ideas about the exhibition. If it does not fit in, I shall put a table near the entrance for the children to draw / write.

Exhibition details:

Gallery footprint:

Cell number 2 will have a looped video of my recordings taken with my phone of short videos depicting ‘time’. These include horses walking past HMP Dartmoor first in time with one another and then with one of the horses stepping out of time; water flowing over a water-wheel and then under a bridge; a slow-mo of the ripples which formed after I had dropped a stone in a leafy pond; water churning in an Archimedes screw; a wind turbine turning in the wind.

A section of the film showing the apple tree film and sound track below the pebble in the pond slow footage.

All these short videos will be playing over short videos of an apple tree at different times of the year with and without leaves moving in the wind and with birdsong in the background.

Cell structure.

In this cell I was going to put the grids of the plant material collected over the seasons to make my seasonal representations of a place in time, but, since there will not be any light in this cell, I have moved them to the wall between the cells together with the vitrine containing the leaves used in the images, and the bottles with the seasonal material collected from outside the prison to make the dyes.

A view of cells 1 & 2 with the vitrine with the leaves outside the cells and between their doors. The Blue Visitor is a visor 1.8m tall and is sculpted to scale.

It was suggested at one of my exhibition reviews that I should have Ian’s letters printed on tiles and mounted on the wall. I have had them done and this is how I am planning to display them:

The white tiles are on other tiles with fault lines in them which is the start of another project related to this one but which will not feature in this exhibition. The earth tiles will be framed in Field Maple wood similar to the tree from which I took some of the leaves for the project.

All the photographs will be suspended by fishing line from the picture rails. The fishing line will replace the chains currently supplied by the gallery as this is not appropriate for my work, and will be tied to bulldog clips holding the photographs. Because of the nature of the images, nothing is to be sold at the exhibition.

The entrance space will have: the artist’s statement, the tiles and some information on the building’s history.

View from the entrance door way.

The long wall opposite the entrance will have the prints in chronological / season order.

The wall on the left is the long wall along which 6 of the A3 images will be displayed. the wall directly opposite the viewer here is the wall on which the tiles will be hung together with the artist statement and bio.
On the right are the cells.
View of the long wall from the middle of the room. The vitrine with the leaves is between the two cell doors.

The cells, their contents and functions are described above.

On the last wall near the door will be the poem and the November Release images.

There will be sofas and chairs all around the spaces as they are permanent fixtures.

The opening event:

On 1st July from 6pm to 8pm, the opening event will consist of an introduction to the project by me. The refreshments will consist of mini Cornish pies with carrots and swede (vegetarian option) or with meat as this was Ian’s favourite meal in prison. There will be tea and coffee served with UHT milk as that was what was available in prison. This will be instead of the usual wine and nibbles.

Meet the artist:

Instead of paying for the gallery space, I am required to give either an artist’s talk or hold a workshop. I have chosen the former which will take place on Saturday 6th July from 11am to 1pm. In this time I shall answer any questions and speak about the different elements of the project. I have had a lot of experience talking about the project at all the portfolio reviews I have had.

I shall record both the opening event and the ‘meet the artist’ day.

The only thing that is worrying me about the exhibition is if the technology lets me down.

What annoys me about the exhibition space is the grey metallic cable trunking which runs along most of the walls because it limits the size of prints I can display. I am therefore going to go with the biggest size print the space will allow: A3+.