2022:September: I signed up for a three year MAFine Art degree with University of Plymouth where I will be extending my interests in women’s prisons and seaweeds.

2022: 24th June – 7th August: My work is displayed in the Artisan Collectives gallery in Torquay, UK.

2022: June: I am invited to present my degree project “One Year” to the international conference on Carceral Geography in December in Melbourne, Australia.

2022: 13th May: My cyanotypes are exhibited at The Cove conservation project exhibition at Lupton House, Torbay.

2022: 2nd – end April: Prison Residency: looking at Victorian women’s prisons with the focus on HM Prison Shepton Mallet.

                   The sleeve of the album I created for the first part of

                   my residency: Poems, songs and music from the

                          women convicts in Shepton Mallet Prison

2022: 5th March to 10th April: My seaweed cyanotype prints are exhibited in the Artisan Collective Gallery in Fleet Street, Torquay.

2022, 15th February:  My seaweed on silk project is shortlisted for the Princess Theatre Art Commission.

2022: 7th February: My poem One Year – 2016 is accepted for publication in the online zine of Haus A Rest, an art zine for artists, writers and curators.

2021: 30th July – 31st August: The House of Smalls accepted my image “Acorn Embryo” for a physical and an online exhibition “This Volatile State”.

2021: 2nd July to 1st August: Littoral Zones – the Frontiers Between’, a collaborative project which I undertook with artists Heidi Bergstrom and Ann Rapstoff, will be shown at the Madrid Lacuna Festival.

See the project here:

2021: April 1st: my degree project ‘One Year’ was published by Original Magazine:

2021: March 30th: I was a contributor in the “High Water” symposium.

2021: March 7th: my poem ‘Spume eddies in a storm’ was published:

2020: June: Finalist in the Association of Photographers Student Award

2019: December: Awarded a First Class Honours pass for Photography by UCA!

2019: July 1st – 12th: I curated my multi-sensory, multi-media solo degree show at The Devonport Guild Hall “Cells”

2018:  My work was shown in October at the OCA 30th anniversary group exhibition at the OXO Tower Gallery, London.

2018:   I led a team of five of us OCA South West students in organising an exhibition in Bristol for 24 students and tutors.  My role was to co-ordinate ideas and lead the curating of the 61 multi-disciplinary pieces, including mine.  This experience was invaluable as I prepare for my own exhibition in July 2019.

2017:   With two other OCA students, I organised, curated and exhibited in a cross-discipline OCA exhibition in Wellington, Somerset, the work of 21 OCA students and tutors.

20162018: I organised the OCA SW cross-curricular student monthly meetings led by tutors from different disciplines.

20112020: OCA Photography.​

2004:    MA in the history of 20th Century art, architecture and design. Falmouth

1973 – 2011: Teaching  French, Italian and English to 11 – 18 year olds.

1950 – Born in Rome, Italy, lived in Malawi from 1955- 1961; finished secondary school in Zimbabwe; completed a BA in History and French at the University of Natal, Durban in 1971; completed a UED (Grad) in 1972; completed degree courses in Italian and English literature through UNISA 1975 – 80; completed a post-graduate diploma in translation (UNISA) 1985; taught in Newcastle, Natal, from 1973 – 1987 when I emigrated to the UK.


2019:  One Year.  Self published.

2018: One Year: Transcending prison walls: The Letters. Blurb.

2017: 75,287,520 + 1. Blurb.

2016: 31 10 20 16. Blurb

2016: 24th June, 2016. Self-produced and printed.

2015: Turkey October – November 2015. Blurb.

2015: Paignton Photographic Club follows F.J.Widgery on Dartmoor.

Cewe Photobooks

2013: Nepal and India. Blurb.

2012: Portrait of a machine. Blurb.

                  Group Exhibitions:

2018: OXO Tower, London.

2018: The Island, Bristol.

2017:  The Old Brick Workshop, Wellington, Somerset.

2016:  Paignton Harbour Sailing club, Paignton. (1 sale)

2013:  The Cube, Plymouth University.

                   Work experience:

2017 & 2018:   Curating the 2017 & 2018 OCA SW Student

and Tutor exhibitions in Wellington and Bristol.


2019: A handmade book private commission.

2013: Suzuki motorbike private commission.

                   Charity work:

2016 :Photo project: The redevelopment of Paignton Harbour for Users of Paignton Harbour.

2015: Through the RPS, I was part of a group of 3 photographers

who documented the streets and buildings of the village of Holbeton,Devon.

                   Teaching experience:

1973 – 2011: Teacher of modern languages, and English as  first language to 11 – 18 year olds.    One of my responsibilities in teaching in the last 5 years prior to retiring was to co-ordinate quarterly meetings for gifted and talented students in Plymouth.  From this I realised that students of any age who are gifted in any field flourish in cross-discipline meetings.  This formed the basis of my rationale to set up cross-discipline meetings of OCA students in the South West of England.

For the exhibitions and group meetings, I have had to apply for  funding from our OCA student association (OCASA).

Another spin-off from our group meetings is that we had a group project involving 5 of us led by 1 member who used it as her AV projection at the 2017 exhibition.  In 2018 we had another collaborative sketchbook project for our 2018 exhibition.

                  Gallery experience:

2019: Curated my own multi-media and multi-sensory photography degree show.

2017 &  2018: Organising contributors and exhibits, curating and stewarding exhibitions.


 2018: OCA Level 3 photography degree final essay: Transcending prison walls.

 2004: My MA dissertation: “Iconic structures and Millennium politics” Falmouth.


  • To have my own exhibition apart from my degree show.
  • To have my work published by a leading photography publisher: Steidl, Dewi Lewis or Thames and Hudson.
  • To have my dye designs used to decorate an Illy espresso coffee cup set.