July meeting

OCA SW July meeting


It was going to be a different meeting – we were going to write up our group manifesto – I immediately thought of the 2011 Arles photo manifesto drawn up by Clément Chéroux, a historian of photography and a former curator at the Pompidou Centre, and photographers  Fontcuberta, Parr, Kessells  and Schmid.  What a surprise – 5 men.  Our group was not going to be so skewed – 7 women and 2 men.

In a phone call in 2016, I asked Kessels about the resemblance in language tone and content between their 2011 manifesto & the 1909 Futurist manifesto drawn up by one man, Marinetti purporting to be a legion of men stating “WE ..” in every clause, but he claimed there was no intention of copying or parodying the earlier one.  When I asked about the exclusively male panel drawing up the document, he said it was Fontcuberta who had convened the group.


Guided by OCA tutor Stephen Monger, we went through some brain storming sessions and came up with a manifesto to which I then added a group name and the last line – because they were pertinent to the exercise.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 18.25.58.png

The newsletter has all the details about what took place.


Personally, I was really pleased with the input of our lead tutor because each one of us was asked leading questions about our work giving us something to think about developing in it.  Although the majority of the group was from the photography pathway, Stephen had probing questions for everyone.  I came away questioning the scale of my work.  I had presented A4 printed sheets and Steve asked me how big the rocks were.  When I said 1 – 1.5m, he suggested I print the images that big.  So imagine that each of these images is 1.5m tall.

Fault BH 1.jpg


Fault PP 2.jpg


Fault 658 lines.png


The full newsletter is here:

July 2018 newsletter