September meeting

Good turn out with 12 of the 15 scheduled attendees arriving at Paignton Library.   Jesse started with the work he was working on last year and went on to present his current work for us to discuss the ethics of it.  He exposed a vulnerability which we are constantly encouraged to do – to do work about a subject we need to know better = ourselves & I know that I can’t do that.

With 2 level 1 students as frightened as they could have been in such a big group, and 1 new to us L2 student, I was very aware of the tension in the room.  Everyone got to speak about their work & everyone got feedback which was the best possible outcome.

I was last to present & was aware that I was very tired.  I presented my large fault lines & had suggestions to print them on black perspex and have the lines cut out.  Jesse was not happy with the pixellated lines.  When I presented my dilemma about how to present the 3 elements of my BoW: the leaf, the prison image and the dye print, he suggested that I print them really small.  I’m not sure I can go with that and the very big fault lines.

I have since then tried this solution:

Summer images with earphones and MP3player on wall 72dpi DSC01037.jpg
Figure 1: © Anna Goodchild 2018


Tracing paper lifting 72dpi DSC01043.jpg
Figure 2: © Anna Goodchild 2018


Exposed leaf and tracing paper 72dpi DSC01042.jpg
Figure 3: © Anna Goodchild 2018

In this arrangement, I am using only 4 dye prints: 1 for each season to emphasise a sense of place over time.  See Assignment 2 for a fuller explanation.