At last, I am seeing some progress. Starting with fresh mixes of the potassium ferric cyanide and the hydrogen peroxide and going to using 2 digital negatives for each image, I have ramped up the exposure to UVA to 6 mins and that seems to have done the trick. I am quite pleased with these prints:

These are the images I took to record the process:

‘Cooking’ the image on a 15cm square piece of cotton fabric.
This is how it comes out from under the UVA lamp.
… or this.
Rinsing the cyanide out of the material with water.
Fixing the cyanotype with a solution of hydrogen peroxide in water.
This is what it looks like after the fixing.
Drying on a radiator.
I loved the tapestry effect of the ‘cooked’ square of material before rinsing it out.

Having seen the work L’autre rive of Émeric Lhuisset which I first saw on Catherine Bank’s blog,  I am now investigating making cyanotypes bigger than A4 which means I have to find a company which sells A3 or even A0 transparency sheets = very exciting!

4 thoughts on “Progress with cyanotypes

  1. These look amazing Anna and as Catherine says, good to see the process. I have not attempted this yet although I have looked at kits as a starting point. Can’t quit ru. To a lamp at the. Moment so waiting for the better weather.


    1. Thanks Anne. I have just 1 more cyanotype to reprint and I will have done all 35 that I need for the quilt. It has been an exciting learning curve with really interesting results. I could not wait for the sunny weather to materialise because it would have taken me too close to the exhibition date. We can talk about it on Saturday if you are going to be there.


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